1st Sunday After Epiphany

Service, 10 January, 2021.

Baptism of our Lord

2nd Sunday After Christmas


3 January 2021

1st Sunday in Advent,

29 November 2020

Video is of the first part of the service

and the sermon

(audio  was inoperative

for the rest of the service).

Sermon Scripture: Mark 13:24-37

Topic: Be on guard, keep awake.

2nd Sunday in Advent

6 December 2020

Sermon Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-11


​He shall lead His flock like a Shepherd.

Christmas Eve Service

​24 December, 2020

1st Sunday After Christmas Service

27 December, 2020

2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Service, Kenyan Rite.

17 January 2021

4th Sunday in Advent

20 December 2020

Sermon Scripture:

2 Samuel 7:1-17


What God promices

He will do.

3rd Sunday in Advent

13 December 2020

Morning Prayer

- in-person service cancelled.

Sermon Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25

Topic: Already and Not Yet